My little piece of the web

❤ welcome, im gonna be putting whatever i want in here ❤
Oh, nobly born, on your journey through the formless void, remember the unity of all living things.

❤ I think I've finally added all the pages I wanted for now, I can finally start adding some info woooooo
❤ SHOULDVE PAID ATTENTION IN COMPUTER LAB AAAAA, thank god for all the html and css tutorials i wanna cry a little less :>
❤ I've never made a website and holy shit this is hard but so fun.<
❤ I've addedd some shape to various pages xp but I still have a little more work to do until I'm satisfied, once I feel it's good enough for me I'll start actually putting content. orz
❤ I think I'll try to keep tis more personal and as an outlet, I'm having so much fun looking at other people's sites though.
❤ It doesn't work very well by it's own on mobile haha weeeeell, it looks presentable if I put desktop site so I'm not too fucked i guess.


I made a little button, I'll change it later probably but feel free to use if you want c: also tell me so I can add yours^^

...Buttons and Blinkies feel free to steal...